Summary and Evaluation

First Draft of Summary Thoughts

The assignment of the summary and evaluation was very different assignment from the ones I’ve been accustomed to so far in my English career at St. Norbert. Eagleton’s “What is Literature” was a fascinating read. It was tough to evaluate ¬†Eagleton because he covered so much territory, and I believe he makes very good points in his article. However, since the assignment was to evaluate him, I had to be tough.


Close Reading Assignment

Well, it took a while, but my close reading paper is finally done. Overall, I think the final result was favorable. The Turn of the Screw was nice book to be able to write on. My dad is a big fan of Henry James, so having a family connection with the work added some welcome to dimension to the project. While the paper took me a long time to finish because of other assignments and commitments, I look at the three different drafts and see a very natural evolution to the paper. The first draft has all the components a typical first draft has, it is very rough around the edges, but has some good ideas in the midst of its general roughness. On the first, draft I was told that my thesis was strong, and that my argument was off to a good start. However, I was also informed that my argument was lost the latter parts of the essay. When I checked back, I found the criticisms to be very true. Luckily, the mistakes were fixable, and I felt the second draft righted the ship in terms of my argument. The third draft mostly consisted of adding more quotes from the text as textual evidence. Also, much of the writing was cleaned up for the final draft. In the end, I believe this is a good paper, and that it saw genuine improvement through each draft.